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Flight deck positions at FlyDubai Master Thread - Merged

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Flight deck positions at FlyDubai Master Thread - Merged

Old 7th Oct 2008, 12:47
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Dear nevrekar,

sorry about my curiosity but is it a reliable sourse where you got that info?
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Old 7th Oct 2008, 19:01
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Email from FlyDubai. I was scheduled for a screening this week.
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Old 8th Oct 2008, 20:48
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Anyone going to Dubai for interview on 15/16 October
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Old 9th Oct 2008, 02:59
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interview date

Thanks for the info. Just got assigned an interview date for Oct. 20-21. I have some of the same concerns as you on the "package". did they seem at all flexible on the housing allowance or the bond?

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Old 9th Oct 2008, 06:14
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short flights long nights
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so to be clear..they are still interviewing?
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Old 9th Oct 2008, 06:49
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My interview was for the 15th,16th of October and that has been postponed until further notice per the email I received from FlyDubai HR department. From what has been posted by the guys who have interviewed, FlyDubai is firm on the housing allowance and the training bond. They are offering 6 months advance on the rental. At present many who have gone apparently are not interested in accepting the offer mainly because of the housing. Some guys have actually not even shown up for the interview. One guy had even notified them that he was not interested anymore after he heard from the first batch of applicants. Hopefully the feedback just might make FlyDubai rethink the terms and conditions. If I get a new interview date I will post that information.

Anyone still going for screening this month?

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Old 10th Oct 2008, 02:17
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Training bond????

In the present economic environment is there a single pilot out there willing to sign or commit to a training bond? I mean, in the land of the false economy is there a single financial commitment one could sensibly make?????

The more I read about Flydubai, it seems the more one should ask Whydubai?

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Old 10th Oct 2008, 11:40
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If you are waiting for FlyDubai to increase the housing you will be waiting a long time.
FD is a LCC and the housing allow will cover low cost housing (2 / 3bed apt), thats it . You will have to deal with if you come.
The boeing strike is a small delay in the long term plan. I think the first couple of planes are leased and not coming from Boeing. 738 and the FD order is for 739's
Bond, Noone likes the bond thing but every airline in this area has bonds, 3 years goes by fast. It covers training cost if you jump ship
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Old 10th Oct 2008, 12:43
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1.Training costs for a fully current and qualified NG Captain with several thousand hours on type should not equal $24,000. I can understand having one for a new-hire with no experience on the aircraft being flown.
Bond if any should be a decreasing bond, reducing with longetivity with the company.

2. Low cost housing-- The average Captain applicant is probably a guy with a wife and 2.5 kids. So a 3 bedroom is a basic minimum. Try any of the websites in Dubai for real-estate. You won't find anything for 192,000 AED. Perhaps another website somewhere for the "Hood" in Dubai.

3. Someone please tell me where a furloughed out of work pilot coming to Dubai is going to get $30,000-60,000 to pay for the housing costs needed to be paid upfront along with deposits for the schools etc. FlYD apparently is only paying the 6month advance.

4. In defense of FlyD, their offer is just that--their offer. It's up to the individual to decide if they can handle it. 3 years does go fast, but it can be also go very slow if you find yourself (or your wife) in an unhappy position with no out in sight for 36 months.

5. My guess is that guys who have no other better offers or jobs will take it as will applicants from countries who are ok with the concept of low cost housing.
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Old 10th Oct 2008, 17:19
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Housing in Dubai


I am in Dubai, and rent an apartment. Not all landlords require the full 12 months rent in one payment - mine requires 2 cheques at the beginning of the year, one payable January 1 and the other July 1.

Also, be aware that as expats you pay 5% of your rent as a 'housing fee' = tax.

Good luck!
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Old 11th Oct 2008, 10:56
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Hypothetically speaking, what/where accommodation would you get for 32000 AED per month (not the 16000 AED as advertised)?

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Old 11th Oct 2008, 11:52
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That would be a studio in International City. However it will be on the sewage plant side instead of the emirates road site.

The package is an single guys only package, don,t come complaining on PPRuNe afterwards please.
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Old 15th Oct 2008, 23:07
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I guess you misunderstood something sanddude..

für 32k a MONTH (that equals 384,000 a year) you will probably get something better than a studio in International City
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Old 16th Oct 2008, 07:03
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Some of you guys seems to forget what the housing allowance is for. Salaries in Dubai are slitted in basic salary and allowances. The basic salary is the end of contract compensation reference as all other allowances are not taken into account. Employers will generally add as much allowances as they can in order to reduce the basic share. Allowances are generally not paid during paid leaves, except the housing (basic + housing). As a result the housing allowance is not restrictive and it doesn't mean it has to be used for housing. It's just a name for this share of package. You basically have to consider the whole package and how much you would be ready to use for housing.
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Old 30th Oct 2008, 01:10
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Its been almost 4 weeks since the interview, I've not heard a word.
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Old 30th Oct 2008, 05:31
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If you are that keen on Dubai surely Emirates would be a much better option.
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Old 30th Oct 2008, 06:43
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Sanddude has hit the nail on the head. Flydubai is a pretty good gig for a single guy.
Married forget it with Dubai prices.
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Old 30th Oct 2008, 06:45
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EK is a better option as far as their terms and conditions. You will be in the right seat for probably 5-6 years. If you are young enough then it is the best option. FlYDubai is a start-up and so is taking current/qualified DECS on the B737NG. The two big negatives working for Fly D are:

1. Inadequate Housing allowance.

2. Training bond of USD $24,000 & 3 years.

Interviews have been terminated until further notice.
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Old 3rd Nov 2008, 02:25
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Now with the Boeing Strike over, there should be alot more activity.
I was just contacted to do an Eye and Chest exam in home country. I hope that is normal, I think the GCAA eye exam is anyway.
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Old 7th Nov 2008, 12:16
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It must been almost 6 weeks ago since the first group was on screening.Anybody heard anything?
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