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Rumours & News (292 Viewing)
Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.
25th Apr 2018 10:39 Go to last post
Tech Log (258 Viewing)
The very best in practical technical discussion on the web
25th Apr 2018 08:35 Go to last post
Terms and Endearment (92 Viewing)
The forum the bean counters hoped would never happen. Your news on pay, rostering, allowances, extras and negotiations where you work - scheduled, charter or contract.
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Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific (141 Viewing)
Airline and RPT Rumours & News in Australia, enZed and the Pacific
The Pacific: General Aviation & Questions (105 Viewing)
The place for students, instructors and charter guys in Oz, NZ and the rest of Oceania.
25th Apr 2018 10:37 Go to last post
Fragrant Harbour (96 Viewing)
A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.
by Natca
25th Apr 2018 04:17 Go to last post
African Aviation (29 Viewing)
Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.
24th Apr 2018 17:08 Go to last post
Canada (9 Viewing)
The great white north. A BIG country with few people and LOTS of aviation.
North America (21 Viewing)
Still the busiest region for commercial aviation.
25th Apr 2018 08:39 Go to last post
Middle East (178 Viewing)
Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.
South Asia and the Far East (57 Viewing)
News and views on the fast growing and changing aviation scene on the planet.
by dboy
25th Apr 2018 07:06 Go to last post
The Caribbean and Latin America (5 Viewing)
Aviation has been around South America and the Caribbean since the early days. A forum for aviators from that part of the world.
16th Apr 2018 17:59 Go to last post
Nordic Forum (1 Viewing)
It smells a bit of snow and ice and big hairy vikings chasing lusty maidens around after lots of mjd and loud partying. Forum languages are Svenska, Dansk, Norsk & English.
20th Apr 2018 16:26 Go to last post
French Forum (1 Viewing)
by 5 RINGS
21st Apr 2018 11:13 Go to last post
Spanish Forum (3 Viewing)
24th Apr 2018 08:38 Go to last post
Italian Forum (13 Viewing)
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Freight Dogs (7 Viewing)
Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.
by GKOC41
20th Apr 2018 11:45 Go to last post
Rotorheads (97 Viewing)
A haven for helicopter professionals to discuss the things that affect them
Biz Jets, Ag Flying, GA etc. (33 Viewing)
The place for discussion of issues related to corporate, Ag and GA aviation. If you're a professional pilot and don't fly for the airlines then try here.
25th Apr 2018 10:17 Go to last post
Military Aviation (138 Viewing)
A forum for the professionals who fly military hardware. Also for the backroom boys and girls who support the flying and maintain the equipment, and without whom nothing would ever leave the ground. All armies, navies and air forces of the world equally welcome here.
Flying Instructors & Examiners (17 Viewing)
A place for instructors to communicate with one another because some of them get a bit tired of the attitude that instructing is the lowest form of aviation, as seems to prevail on some of the other forums!
by markkal
25th Apr 2018 07:32 Go to last post
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Cabin Crew (16 Viewing)
Where professional flight attendants discuss matters that affect our jobs & lives.
21st Apr 2018 10:04 Go to last post
Flight Testing (6 Viewing)
A forum for test pilots, flight test engineers, observers, telemetry and instrumentation engineers and anybody else involved in the demanding and complex business of testing aeroplanes, helicopters and equipment.
11th Apr 2018 13:04 Go to last post
Wannabes Forums
Forums for those aspiring to join our fraternity of professionals. Please use the Private Flying forum for initial PPL issues and anything not connected with professional licences.
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Professional Pilot Training (includes ground studies) (37 Viewing)
A forum for those on the steep path to that coveted professional licence. Whether studying for the written exams, training for the flight tests or building experience here's where you can hang out.
Interviews, jobs & sponsorship (76 Viewing)
The forum where interviews, job offers and selection criteria can be discussed and exchanged.
by PA28161
25th Apr 2018 09:01 Go to last post
Cabin Crew Wannabes (10 Viewing)
For discussing all aspects of becoming Cabin Crew, including applications and the assessment process.
South Asia and Far East Wannabes (27 Viewing)
A forum for those applying to Cathay Pacific, Dragonair or any other Hong Kong-based airline or operator. Use this area for both Direct Entry Pilot and Cadet-scheme queries.
by mcw210
23rd Apr 2018 13:02 Go to last post
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ATC Issues (48 Viewing)
A place where pilots may enter the 'lions den' that is Air Traffic Control in complete safety and find out the answers to all those obscure topics which you always wanted to know the answer to but were afraid to ask.
25th Apr 2018 04:20 Go to last post
Engineers & Technicians (12 Viewing)
In this day and age of increased CRM and safety awareness, a forum for the guys and girls who keep our a/c serviceable.
23rd Apr 2018 08:07 Go to last post
Flight/Ground Ops, Crewing and Dispatch (13 Viewing)
A forum for the people who are engaged in operational control/flight dispatch/crewing and their colleagues airside in ramp dispatch, load control and ground handling, to discuss issues directly related to keeping their aircrew and aircraft operational.
23rd Apr 2018 20:05 Go to last post
Safety, CRM, QA & Emergency Response Planning (6 Viewing)
A wide ranging forum for issues facing Aviation Professionals and Academics
29th Mar 2018 08:41 Go to last post
Medical & Health (29 Viewing)
News and debate about medical and health issues as they relate to aircrews and aviation. Any information gleaned from this forum MUST be backed up by consulting your state-registered health professional or AME. Due to advertising legislation in various jurisdictions, endorsements of individual practitioners is not permitted.
24th Apr 2018 09:17 Go to last post
Questions (56 Viewing)
If you are a professional pilot or your work involves professional aviation please use this forum for questions. Enthusiasts, please use the 'Spectators Balcony' forum.
25th Apr 2018 08:41 Go to last post
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Private Flying (120 Viewing)
LAA/BMAA/BGA/BPA The sheer pleasure of flight.
25th Apr 2018 05:57 Go to last post
Accidents and Close Calls (13 Viewing)
Discussion on accidents, close calls, and other unplanned aviation events, so we can learn from them, and be better pilots ourselves.
Non Airline Transport Stuff
News and issues not relating to airline transport but still involving aviation.
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Airlines, Airports & Routes (209 Viewing)
Topics about airports, routes and airline business.
by Tagron
25th Apr 2018 10:47 Go to last post
Spectators Balcony (Spotters Corner) (21 Viewing)
If you're not a professional pilot but want to discuss issues about the job, this is the best place to loiter. You won't be moved on by 'security' and there'll be plenty of experts to answer any questions.
25th Apr 2018 07:42 Go to last post
Aviation History and Nostalgia (40 Viewing)
Whether working in aviation, retired, wannabee or just plain fascinated this forum welcomes all with a love of flight.
25th Apr 2018 09:21 Go to last post
Passengers & SLF (Self Loading Freight) (13 Viewing)
If you are regularly a passenger on any airline then why not post your questions here?
25th Apr 2018 06:40 Go to last post
Computer/Internet Issues & Troubleshooting (37 Viewing)
Anyone with questions about the terribly complex world of computers or the internet should try here. We will also try and help with troubleshooting any technical problems you may have with the forums.
by BEagle
25th Apr 2018 10:24 Go to last post
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Jet Blast (137 Viewing)
Topics that don't fit the other forums. Rules of Engagement apply.
25th Apr 2018 10:47 Go to last post
Night Stop (2 Viewing)
If anyone has a recommendation for somewhere to visit or eat out on a night stop then post the info here.
by SRTDub
31st Jan 2018 11:13 Go to last post
Where Are They Now? (14 Viewing)
Please feel free to post contact information here if you are looking for long lost friends or trying to find out what has happened to colleagues. Obituaries and condolences can be posted here too.
25th Apr 2018 07:00 Go to last post
PPRuNe Bashes
A forum for announcements and anything else to do with the PPRuNe Bashes such as the 20th May 2000 Ash Bash.
by Zarg
14th Jun 2016 12:00 Go to last post
Airline Specific Private Forums
You must be registered and logged in to be able to see the list of private forums.
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Thomson Airways
Formerly known as Britannia, now Thomson and merged with FCUK Airlines forum.
To apply for access to this private forum please click here
To apply for access to this private forum please click here
easyJet (23 Viewing)
If you work for easyJet then come on in. All branches are welcome. Thousands are already here. Its mostly pilots but don't let that put you off. To apply for access to this private forum please click here
Also known as 'Spotty M'.
To apply for access to this private forum please click here
Southwest Airlines Pilots (9 Viewing)
To apply for access to this private forum for Southwest airlines pilots only, click here
Thomas Cook Airlines
A forum for the large pilot group from the former Flying Colours, Airworld, Caledonian and JMC companies now rebranded as Thomas Cook UK and the former Airtours/MyTravel airlines.
To apply for access to this private forum please Click Here
Also known as 'M Rats'. A forum for the large pilot group based in the Sand Pit and employed by Emirates.
To apply for access to this private forum please click here.
The major UK ATS provider. To apply for access to this private forum please click here

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